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Peace Be With You

Earlier this year, my sister finally moved to Florida. She’d been dreaming of it since she was a little girl ...
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The Process of Art

How do you prepare to create? Is art more spontaneous, or is it planned? Perhaps it's spontaneous because the artist ...
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How One Thing Leads to Another

It started with a dare: And ended with special, new space for pampering: Here’s what happened: The weekend after I ...
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Come Holy Spirit: Embracing Imperfection

Attempting to be perfect, properly aligned, square and precise is a self-defeating effort. We will never be perfect. No matter ...
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The Garden Party Bunny: Finished!

Bunny is back from firing at the ceramic shop, and she looks marvelous! For more on her story, visit The ...
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The Garden Party Bunny

When I saw this collection of bunnies at the local paint-it-yourself ceramic store, I knew that I had to have ...
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Someone once asked me what word describes me best…

And the answer was simple: I’m a creator. I’m happiest when my hands are at work making something — whether through my career as a web developer, or one of my many other maker interests. I love painting, woodworking, sewing, photography and gardening.

This site is a journal of my creative efforts. Look for posts featuring art that I’ve created, as well as photographs that I take on my travels around the neighborhood, state and more. And you might even see a little bit of gardening and other kinds of growing plants, shrubs and trees.

“All these (craftsmen and master workers) rely upon their hands, and each is skilful in his own work… they keep stable the fabric of the world, and their prayer is in the practice of their trade.”

Sirach 38:31, 34

Gallery of some of my favorite flowers

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