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In addition to being an artist, I am also a custom web developer, specializing in WordPress and Drupal front-end development. During my 10+ year web dev career, I’ve worked on almost 100 websites in various capacities. Front-end web development requires a balance between art and technology, which means each day has unique challenges.

Web Story Builder not accepting new clients

Until this year, I also ran a small business named the Web Story Builder through which I helped micro-businesses get a start on their web presence using a pre-packed Drupal installation. I am no longer accepting clients or projects under the Web Story Builder name. All of my Drupal web development work is now done through New Valley Media. If you are interested in help with a Drupal or WordPress project, contact their business management team directly.

Web Development Resume


  • Front-end Web developer with 10 years full-time experience.
  • Additional 2 years experience building, managing and maintaining website projects.

Key Skills

  • Drupal: custom theming and site building.
  • CSS:  CSS1, CSS2, CSS3, Sass and LESS.
  • Cross-platform browser compatibility: IE 8-10, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPad, iPhone, Android, focusing on Bootstrap framework.
  • Javascript/jQuery: core functions and plugins.
  • AJAX and AJAX-style displays: implementation primarily using JS/jQuery, XML feeds and CSS3.
  • PHP: Drupal modules, theme functions and templates.
  • Version control: GIT and SVN.
  • Testing: Selenium, Browserstack, W3 Validation and other tools.
  • Design and graphics: Expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphic programs for evaluating designs and slicing graphics.

Web Development Experience

  • 10+ years full-time Web development, specializing in Drupal site building and front-end development.

Technical Expertise

  • HTML: Write, edit and debug raw, standard-compliant HTML3-HTML5; output HTML via PHP scripting and Javascript/jQuery DOM manipulation.
  • CSS: Write, edit and debug CSS1, CSS2, CSS3, using Sass and LESS preprocessors and standard CSS authoring; optimize HTML IDs and classes for streamlined, reusable CSS; implement responsive design and cross-platform browser compatibility (IE 9-11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices), including Bootstrap framework.  
  • Javascript/jQuery: Utilize Javascript and jQuery core functions and plugins, including jQuery UI, for DOM manipulation, to control and manipulate CSS and HTML classes, and to enhance default browser elements (examples: fancy form fields, quick tabs, accordions and overlays).
  • AJAX and AJAX-style displays: implementation primarily using JS/jQuery, XML feeds and CSS3.
  • PHP: Write, edit and debug PHP, primarily within the context of Drupal CMS modules and theme templates, to render database data as HTML.
  • Workflow: Write technical specifications; define user stories; prepare time estimates and critical path documentation; maintain project logs and task/bug tickets; manage code with GIT and SVN; test using Selenium, Browserstack, W3 Validation and other testing tools.
  • Design and graphics: Expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphic programs for evaluating designs and slicing graphics.

Teamwork and Communication

  • Communications: Write detailed project and technical specifications and deliver oral presentations in audience-appropriate language. (Before working full-time in Web development, communications and public relations professional for 20+ years.)
  • Team member: Experienced in working with large and small cross-functional, collaborative teams that are responsible from concept to launch, both in-house and with distributed teams.
  • Problem-solving and skill improvement: Clarify client expectations; seek assistance from colleagues as needed; continually study UX trends; research and study methods to improve CSS and JS efficiency (currently studying backbone.js and node.js).
  • Focus: Above all, maintain focus on the end-user and the client’s goals; constantly ask myself “How does this improve the user’s experience?”

Web Development Experience

Full-time Positions:

Front-End Developer – Drupal Site Builder / Themer

On contract to:
New Valley Media, March 2014-Current
Scribblefish Media, November 2015-October 2016
Double Prime, April 2012-February 2013
Drupal Connect, January-July 2012, March 2013-June 2014

Development, maintenance and updates of custom themes for Drupal 7 web projects as part of a cross-functional development team. Primary tasks include, site-building using Drupal core and modules/plug-ins, customization of PHP-based templates, coding CSS2/CSS3, development of jQuery scripts and/or implementation of jQuery plugins with appropriate scripts, dissecting PSD files when provided or exactly duplicating existing sites for platform upgrade projects, application of typography and color standards.

Examples of completed projects for which I was the lead developer and/or themer:

  •  – Custom theme development based on client design model, extensive site-building including custom content types for flexible page construction.
  •  – Complete retheming of highly-customized site (Due to code dependencies and short timeline, new theme had to overlay existing custom modules. My challenge was to target only elements essential to new UX.)
  •  – Site-building and custom theme development including viewport-aware layout, collapsing/expanding content area, and design consulting.
  •  – Site-building and theming for Media section of the IIC site.
  •  – Complete site build and theming.
  •  – Custom site building and theme development; construction of numerous View blocks with complex relations and contextual filters; custom Bootstap-based theme converted to use Sass distribution.
  • Front-end development for high-traffic ecommerce site as part of a large cross-functional development team. Primary tasks included administrative UX customization, develop and customize templates for public-facing pages, updates to AJAX integration using product data feed, debugging integration of Perl templates into PHP-based CMS. Most interesting project: fully responsive implementation of the video player on this page: .

Number of total projects to which I’ve contributed: 40 and counting.

Front-End Web Developer / Drupal Theme Developer

Bonnier Corp., December 2009-December 2011

Customization of front-end user interface / themes for Drupal 6 web projects of varying size, from small mini-sites to large websites, plus several Java-based websites. Work in agile development environment using SCRUM methodology, participating in 4-6 teams concurrently. Contributed to porting several JSP sites to Drupal platform. Primary tasks include customization/ownership of CSS2/CSS3 coding, dissecting PSD files for sliced images, typography and color standards, editing PHP-based templates, guiding developers in proper HTML/DOM formation for optimal CSS structure, coding basic jQuery scripts and/or implementation of plugins, svn management of theme directories.

Site themes that I maintained/contributed to (order based on the level of work/most current projects; linked sites still use code that I wrote):

High TraffiMedium TraffiSmaller, speciality or mini-sties 
(non-Drupal PHP, launched October 2011)

Project Manager Web Development

Yoursphere Media, April 2008-December 2009 Launch/development team member for social networking site. Project management and quality control; interface between management and technical team; on-page styling using CSS and graphics; Google Analytics integration; user training and support; documentation of functionality for site users and administrators.

Other Web Development Projects

National Organization for Human Services, 2004-2007

Public and members-only web site for national professional association. Project management; CMS installation and configuration; custom theme and graphic development; implementation of user access control to protected content; integration of ecommerce; converted stand-alone Access database into an interactive online membership database/portal. (The site that I developed is no longer online. Archived:…)

City of Austin Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Office, 2002-2004

Web designer and writer for department web sites. Developed using proprietary content management system. Relevance to current work: Hand-coded HTML and CSS. (The site that I developed is no longer online. )

Texas Recreational Vehicle Association, Austin, Texas, 2000-2001

Web site for statewide trade association. Developed using FrontPage. Relevance to current work: HTML coding; project management; content organization. (The site that I developed is no longer online. Archived: .)

Texas Physical Therapy Association, Austin, Texas, 1998-2000

Web site for statewide professional association. First developed as HTML hand-coded, then converted to FrontPage. Relevance to current work: HTML coding; content organization and management. (The site that I developed is no longer online.)

Education and Certification

Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas.
Major in journalism, minor in political science.

Texas teacher certification, Kindergarten-Grade 6. Qualified for certification in secondary speech and journalism.

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