The trip to church Sunday morning was delightful! First, we were greeted by golden wildflowers alongside the road. Then we discovered a huge rose in the flower bed in front of the church. Then as I was getting back in the car after Mass, I noticed a large shrub (small tree?) covered in orangish red flowers with double petals. All were delightful, expected gifts that made Divine Mercy Sunday even more special.

PS: If you know what the shrub/bush/tree with the orange-red flowers, please add a comment. I love it and would really really like to find one (or more) for our garden.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers Along the Way … and Request for Help”

  1. Robin Landers

    I love the pics and sketches! Barton says the orange flowers look very much like pomegranate. With checking into!

    ( your childhood neighbor)

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