For the past few days, the weather forecasters have teased us with projections of heavy rain. The rain has mostly stayed north us, which is good for them except when thunderstorms, wind or hail have accompanied the much-needed rain. (We rarely reject rain in the Texas Hill Country.)

But the rain has mostly missed us — until this morning!

Image: rain guage showing 1 inch of rainfall.
Nice to see a full inch in the rain guage.

An inch of rain a week is supposed to keep the yard happy. So this meets our weekly goal. More rain is forecast for this afternoon, but I’m expecting it to slip past us again. In the meantime, our garden is happy indeed. The bluebonnets are hanging on, not looking too scruffy yet. The salvia is getting fuller, and the delphiniums have many buds ready to pop. I can hardly wait to see how they look tomorrow.

Image: garden with bluebonnets and other flowers are the morning rain.
Our front garden is happy after this morning’s one-inch rain.

Happy day, everyone!

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