Last weekend, we drove several hours to and from a family event 400 miles away. I had driver duty on the way down, which meant I got to choose the route and any side trips. We took the country roads, rather than the Interstate highway because it seemed more interesting and only added a few more minutes driving time. We were rewarded for our decision when I saw the steeple of a church in the distance just as I decided it was time for a break.

For me, the artistic beauty to the natural world is perfectly balanced by created art, such as this statue outside the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Czestochowa (aka Cestohowa), Texas. The stained glass windows of the church allow beautifully filtered light into the historic church.

We spent about 30 minutes on our little side trip, including a nice chat with a local parishioner who shared more of the church’s recent history.

Our stop was an unexpected blessing. So the next time, you see a steeple in the distance while driving down a country road, stop and take a few minutes to enjoy.

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