Since we moved into our new home last November, I’ve been trying to decide on a style for our back patio. Our gardening-expert aunt recently passed along a plant — we think it’s some kind of decraena — that she had gotten from my mother-in-law when she sold her South Texas home many, many years ago. The plant apparently lived outside in a small clay pot during the intervening decades.

When it arrived here, the plant was root bound and obviously needed replanting. Since we’re in Central Texas, where the temperatures get below freezing during January and February, I hesitated putting it in the ground. That meant shopping for a new container. The need for a patio container meant that making a decision about the style of the patio. After all, one container means another container, and then maybe a larger planter, and perhaps even some containers with fairy gardens… well, you get the idea.

We visited Rossy’s Pottery in New Braunfels, where the selection is amazing. We decided on a style with lots of flowers (not a surprise) without too many frills. One more stop to pick up more potting soil, then home to upgrade our new plant friend to the new container. I think I’ll call him Sulley, because he’s tall and greenish and his “hair” moves in the wind.

The result is very satisfying. Of course, the wheel in my brain are spinning, already planning the next patio project! Stay tuned!

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