When I saw this collection of bunnies at the local paint-it-yourself ceramic store, I knew that I had to have one.

But which one?!?!

So I asked my friends on Facebook for their opinion. The hands-down winner was the Party Bunny.

The wonderful ladies at Clay Casa New Braunfels set me up with an assortment of colors, even though I didn’t have a plan. Actually, that’s not quite right…. My husband was making a run to Clay Casa to get another piece and some paint, so I asked him to pick up the bunny… even though I didn’t have a plan. He came home with a nice selection of colors, including Hare Gray.

Choosing gray for the body was the easy part. After doing the background, I decided to sketch some bluebonnets by scraping into the gray glaze. Next I painted two bluebonnets on her back, using dark blue, light blue, light green and white with a technique similar to my normal bluebonnet style.

I wasn’t sure where more flowers would make the bunny too cluttered, so I asked my friends again. And again, the resounding feedback was “More flowers.” So that’s what I did. Here is the finished product, now named the Garden Party Bunny, ready for glazing!

By the way, the Paint To Go at Clay Casa is terrific. The folks are so kind and really helpful, so if you need something new to try out, give them a call.

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