Come Holy Spirit: Embracing Imperfection

Attempting to be perfect, properly aligned, square and precise is a self-defeating effort. We will never be perfect. No matter how many tools we use or how much we practice, we will never be perfect.

Note that I said “we,” not “me.” It’s easy to think that everyone else is perfect and that I’m the only one who fails to make the grade. Just not true.

So when I started adding lettering to my art, my first attempts failed because I wanted the letters to be perfect. Then I tried being uneven and bouncy on purpose. Bouncy is playful and fun. So much to love!

Here’s one of my latest pieces where uneven lettering contributes to the light and airy feel of the design.

Bouncy has become my signature style. If there isn’t some wave in the text, it doesn’t feel like me.

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