It started with a dare:

Image: no hair stylist during the COVID lockdown means cutting my own hair with the electric clippers.

And ended with special, new space for pampering:

Image: new dressing table for pampering during the COVID lockdown.

Here’s what happened:

The weekend after I gave him a buzz cut with the clippers, my husband challenged me to use the clippers to cut my own hair. I’ll admit that I needed a cut (thanks, Covid lockdown) and was a bit bored. So I accepted the challenge. It turned out shorter than I expected, which meant I couldn’t hide behind my normally fluffy hair. So I bought some new earrings.

Then I decided that my eyes needed some attention. I haven’t worn eye makeup for years, so I consulted with my daughter. Then Amazon sent me an assortment of eye makeup. But there wasn’t room for it on my “dressing table,” which was really just a board placed over two shelves. And the lighting was terrible.

Next thing I knew, Amazon sent some LED strip lights so I could illuminate my “dressing table.” But there wasn’t room for the new lights. So I removed everything from my dressing area, rebuilt the table, create three display boards – one each for necklaces, earrings and pins – and used another found board to create makeup lighting. Well, then the vanity stool didn’t match. One final purchase: a gray metal stool that matches the closet shelving.

The result is so satisfying! I can’t say honestly that I didn’t plan it, because each element is purposeful and carefully executed. But did I know that I would be creating this? Not really.

Isn’t that how it goes sometimes?

Something happens, then there’s a response. And then a reaction to that, and so forth. You find yourself somewhere down the road. Are you in a good place where you want to stay, or an uncomfortable place that you can’t wait to leave? Seems to me that it depends on whether each intervening step was purposeful and made with love.

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