Image: acrylic and oil pencil painting of a palm tree on the beach, with lettering "Peach be with you."

Earlier this year, my sister finally moved to Florida. She’d been dreaming of it since she was a little girl. (My childhood dream was to be an artist. Her dream was to live at the beach.) She and her boyfriend found a perfect little place about a half mile from the Atlantic beach. Her Facebook feed is now filled with videos of sunrise walks and pictures of her found seashell treasures. She’s found her “happily ever after.”

As I thought today about the joy in her life and how I’m pursuing my artist dream, I recalled a recent dream about gathering on the beach. We were building a bonfire awaiting the sunset.

“Peace be with you,” we said to each other.

The wood that I prepared yesterday was a perfect canvas for this little acrylic and oil pencil piece. It’s the result of sitting down, focusing and letting the spirit guide me. No overthinking. Just being at peace, just as the beach inspires.

Image collage: hand with oil pencil working on painting; two closeups of ocean and palm tree.

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