In the studio today, I finished one group of small paintings and started another batch. Any day that starts with painting bluebonnets is a good day!

It’s always satisfying to see finished work. I’m excited about this group of pieces because I tried another painting surface — wood rounds with bark. I can hardly wait to start painting more of them. But I have orders for more bluebonnet stars, so those are my priority. To be honest, though, painting bluebonnets in any form makes me happy, so no complaints from me!

By the way, you might notice the denim, aka Faded Jeans, colored star in the first image. That was first time I’ve tried using a background behind the flowers. Mostly satisfied with the results, and more experiments will be coming soon. The bluebonnets are a little hard to see on the dark blue background, so the next test will be with less stain applied to the wood. Currently there are two more colored stars on the table waiting for bluebonnet paintings — one is Barn Red and the other is Weathered Gray. The Barn Red will probably be perfect for painting bluebonnets, and perhaps the Weathered Gray too. And I’m planning to paint daisies on another Faded Jeans wood piece that has already been prepped.

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