Image: watercolor painting of bluebonnets.

This commission painting, titled “Bluebonnet Celebration,” was just picked up by a customer. The title has a dual meaning.

First, this watercolor and ink painting was requested as a gift to mark a special milestone birthday.

Second, the customer requested a special style that I’d used in a previous painting with bluebonnet leaves scattered in the background. After finishing the design, I realized that the five-fingered leaves floating above the bloom looked very much like fireworks rising above a blue castle. (What can I say? We lived near Walt Disney World for six years and watched fireworks from our back patio every night. I love and adore fireworks!)

I’m currently working on adapting this design to print on a custom ceramic cup. Watch for it in the shop.

Do you have another idea for a title for this painting? What does “bluebonnet celebration” mean to you?

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