Freeing Oak


This adventurous acorn has been liberated from an oak tree … meaning that the tree is a “Freeing Oak.” (Jeepers! I guess the wind was pretty strong that day. Another poor little acrod was left behind.) Made from lightweight wood and coated in weatherproof urethane, this cheerful wood plaque is perfect for hanging indoors or on your patio. Customize with your home address if you’d like, or order without a custom address for your plaque to simply say “Freeing Oak.”

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The streets in our neighborhood have excruciatingly clever names. Take an action word — such as “Freeing” — and add the name of a tree species — such as “Oak” — and voila! You have Freeing Oak! (Seriously, who knew the “freeing” was even a word? The dictionary says that it’s the process of liberating someone or something. Now you know.)

Of course, clever street names mean that ordinary street name art won’t do. Every street needs a special twist. I’m creating a series of street art that can be customized with your house number.

Each sign is made custom for you. Your custom art will be completed and ready for shipping or delivery in one week.


Width: 10in, Height: 3.5in


Wood, acrylic paint, oil pencils


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